No Barriers of the Heart

earth & sky transcend sides ~d nelson

Mountains, oceans, deserts & more;
Mother Nature’s gifts of geographic diversity.
Over time, ancestors found ways of overcoming
challenging barriers and experiencing personal discoveries.

Yet for all their seemingly impressive conquests
many failed to find a most precious treasure; true happiness of their heart.
Looking for happiness, contentment & love out there,
somewhere; maybe it’s just around the bend, they thought.

After diligently polishing our own jewel by going
in, day after day, rather than searching outwardly,
many have found some success dismantling falling fences
of separation bequeathed by past generations.

Blossoms coming into this world with rusting fences
between them & other fragile blossoms.
Seeing clearly mirrored reflections of each other
in sunligtht, breathing the same, freely offered, air.

Removing jagged fences gifts us,
our neighbors & our descendants
experienced freedom to be our loving selves
& to be kind & fearless with each other.

Courage & gentle patience, dear ones!
Trust in liberating heart’s intuition.

“We are here to awaken from our illusion of separateness.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

75 Replies to “No Barriers of the Heart”

    1. hello dear Ann,
      please let me know if the comments i’ve made on your recent posts
      have gone into spam or into a wp black hole, thanks.
      wishing you a happy moment, david 🙂

      1. i’m grateful for the confirmation. has happened with all the comments i sent the past couple days. had not happened that i know of in the past. contacted the Akismet and hope they make it better 🙂

  1. Such a meaningful reflection for our times, David! If enough of us start taking down our fences, then maybe we can move on to tearing down some of the walls that have been going up lately.

    1. smiling to your kind understanding ,dear Tom!
      some thoughts that have been
      wanting to be expressed
      for some time!
      wishing you safety
      with that barbed wire 🙂

  2. This gives me much to think about. Or maybe just to feel in my heart. I’m remembering the song, “Desperado”, and the line, “Come down from your fences. Open the gate.”

    1. with so much fence & wall building
      it makes me happy that many, like you
      are creating positive energies
      of physical and emotional liberation!
      i loved that album. too bad it did
      not turn out well for the desperado 🙂

  3. Thank you for these lovely images and the evocative reflection, David. Boundaries (fences) seem sometimes necessary with people and circumstances that surpass my present courage and patience — with whom I am likely to cause or experience harm. Yet I hope they are temporary fences that I may one day dismantle when my fear is less and my confidence greater.

    1. thank you for a valuable reflection, Cate!
      While I find experiences of non-separation, I find the ultimate truth of these teachings is distant, like the moon. The guidance is like a finger pointing in the right direction. Experiencing the fences myself I know they’re not falling over anytime soon.
      Wonderful having tools that give
      us skillful hope 🙂

    1. thank you for kindly feeling invited, hedy!
      looks like a fishbowl from a fisheye.
      i’ll likely cycle up that way tomorrow
      with my canon sidekick 🙂

  4. Your photos remind us that in time all fences fail and fall. May we speed up the process with such compassionate words as yours, David. And someday may humanity concentrate on building bridges instead (both physical and metaphorical!) Thank you, kind sir. 😊

    1. smiling to your kind words, Betty!
      collected the images over many bike rides.
      appreciate your understanding
      of what I intended to convey.
      with so much fragmentation
      bridges seem most needed.
      wishing you gentle, joyful breaths 🙂

  5. I just came across this inspiring post and feel lifted by its
    message and wonderful pictures. Places to just be. The fences on pic 3 really speak.
    Fallen and becoming part of nature around.
    Thank you David


    1. yes, dear Ka
      in the ultimate, quantum dimension
      all is one, interconnected, inter-being!
      suffering, one way or the other, from separation
      can bring awareness that we are at the same time
      both the wave & the particle; after a really, really long sit.
      smiling to your, “living through the walls.” 🙂

  6. David, fences, physical and metaphorical, are all around us, sometimes in our hearts, in relationships in our gardens, landscapes … it is finding the courage to clamber over them, dismantle them that is so daunting/ frightening. Your post is both inspiring and uplifting … your words eloquent and mindful, the photos light and beautiful! 😀

    1. most kind & thorough distillation of what i intended to convey, dear Annika!
      seems as painful as having fences & barriers are, nonetheless, we have become used to them.
      certainly takes much courage to overcome such habits on our own. so nice to have a friend
      or many others supporting each other, experiencing freedom of the heart.
      thank you for inspiring me to cycle off today with my camera 🙂

  7. Beautiful, David. So sad that we all put up fences around our heart. Dismantling them takes so much courage and determination.

    1. perhaps long ago & far away
      humans did not put up such barriers!
      wonderful we can consciously dismantle
      the best we can, especially with the support
      of kind ones like yourself 🙂

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