Aimlessly on Redwood Forest’s Foggy Highway

Central Oregon low tide, perfect, as is ~d nelson

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Contemplating cool during our summer’s
climate of heat and other midday discomforts.
My aspiration -to routinely stop and momentarily
realize aimlessness’ present moment chill;
that I’m already alright, already what I want to become.

Road trip’s meditation unfolds,
winding up foggy, Northwest forest coastline.

Continuously arriving with joy
while driving up, down & around
ancient coastal forest’s cooling comfort
where ancestor’s roots all intermingle,
where all paths & journeys interconnect.

Drivers behind may have thought
‘he’s moving too slow’, while those
ahead were thinking, ‘he’s going too fast’;
as though he’s driving with his head in the clouds.

Was told during my youth in coastal California
that fog allows short people to have their head in the clouds.
While not as short as I used to be,
I still enjoy having my head where it’s refreshed & content.
If I’m appearing spaced out to you & others, stay cool.
I’m smiling to this sweet, short gift of life.

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