Wildfires, Power Shutoffs?! Breathe, It’ll Be Okay

Click image to view action-cam illustrated, natural healing song! ~d nelson

A grand inconvenience happened
on the way
to our coast
camping holiday.

paddle diamonds

Dry winds of autumn came.
Many fled the smoke & flame.

generators helped some

Some shelves bare, some lines long,
kind patience helps us carry on.

Without internet or TV
make quality time
with friends & family.

Without City Lights
Stars Shine Bright (taken from my roof)

Pause for a moment, smile & breathe.
Natural healing, feeling free.

May those without heat or power
enjoy a simple shower.

enjoying walking on this earth, together

Grateful for each new day.
This is it, breathe
it’ll be okay.

Wishing you all moments of happiness!
I regret being away from the internet.
In the music video you can see
where I’ve been in nature;
precious moments being restored.

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