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Mother’s Soft Petal’s Provenance

Petals fall close to the rose ~d nelson

As she fell into slumber I strummed
a sweet song the last time her eyes were open.
Accepting she’s been gone for many years,
I still write her letters of gratitude, forgiveness & love.

Your motherly love;
my bouquet’s

The universe
revealed upon
looking into your eyes.

Though dusk looms
now as my pedals fall,
your rosebud gift’s
fluorescence linger.

If I were to have any advice, it would be this: Tonight, when you return from school or work or, if you live far away, the next time you visit your mother, you may wish to go into her room and, with a calm and silent smile, sit down beside her. Without saying anything, make her stop working. Then, look at her for a long time, look at her deeply. Do this in order to see her, to realize that she is there; she is alive, beside you. Take her hand and ask her one short question to capture her attention, “Mother, do you know something?” She will be a little surprised and will probably smile when she asks you, “What, dear?” Keep looking into her eyes, smiling serenely, and say, “Do you know that I love you?” Ask this question without waiting for an answer. Even if you are thirty or forty years old, or older, ask her as the child of your mother. Your mother and you will be happy, conscious of living in eternal love. Then tomorrow, when she leaves you, you will have no regrets.
~ Thich Nhat Hanh, A Rose for Your Pocket: An Appreciation of Motherhood

Bloom’s New Continuance

Compost Transformed into Roses Cozy Harmony ~d nelson

Wonderful, our continuation into this
new year, dear refreshed fellow, yet fragile
blossoms in the garden of humanity.

calligraphy by Thich Nhat Hanh