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Have a Lot of Faith in Myself

mind, like pond, moves towards clarity & stillness ~d nelson

Looks like they are practicing Zen
sitting, walking, eating
& working meditations.
But are they really practicing?
Are we sure? And what about us?
Perhaps 50 percent,
or maybe just
10 percent of the time
or less, if being honest
with ourselves.

But part-time Buddha’s
are capable of strong aspirations
for diligently practicing virtues
with all their hearts
in order to transform
suffering & find peace
& well-being for self & others.

Mindfulness is to recognize
& know we have a body at this moment.
Mind may be shy to acknowledge this.
But then, with body, speech & mind
in perfect oneness it’s possible
to stand & truly behold
the expansive sky, the deep-rooted tree
and hear their whole stories.

When we plant a tree
& have faith it will thrive,
there’s hope for its future.
A mother’s belief that her child
will grow up is also necessary.
Without faith the tree & the child will prematurely die.
The same is true of our practice.
We may have failed a thousand times
but with faith in wholeheartedly practiced noble teachings
our full potential for awakening remains achievable.


Homes Don’t Just Grow On Trees

You are part of the universe; you are made of stars. When you look at your loved one, you see that he is also made of stars and carries eternity inside. Looking in this way, we naturally feel reverence. ~Thich Nhat Hanh

a home's bloom ~d nelson

a home’s bloom ~d nelson

Sitting & breathing in quiet amazement
contemplating just a few
of the countless forces
of nature that came together
so that my safe refuge,
a house, can manifest!

home with a view

home with a view

From the known universe’s frozen vastness
this small planet orbits a star,
one of 300 billion in this galaxy, alone,
gets warmed & energized by our life-giving sun!
Our solar system has come so far
in its 5 billion year existence.
Just how incredibly amazing is that?



A fragile atmosphere protects earth,
held in place by gravity’s gentle pull,
making weather possible as we
rotate at 23.5 degrees, creating seasons
so that growth of vegetation & trees
can, from mere seeds, come together in beautiful ways.
Just how amazing are trees?

Breathing in I know that much
of the oxygen-rich air in my lungs
is produced by trees.
And then they offer the fruit
of their existence to become lumber
which provides me shelter!

Providing a most basic safety need
yet, my house is vulnerable & could burn.
Do I have the conditions of resilience necessary
to rebuild & renew again
like exampled by a tree?
It’s amazing just to have such a thought!

home where all r welcome ~d nelson

home where all r welcome ~d nelson

So all those conditions of universe,
sun, seeds, weather, trees, workers
and much more have created
a house, miraculously!
Offering my gratitude,
expressed as love,
to you, to all,
truly makes this home.