remembering who you were before being born

hand in plaster

hand in plaster ~d nelson

The bread you hold in your hands is the body of the cosmos ~Thich Nhat Hanh

bay sky

bay sky

Dear One, do you remember who you were before being born?

Yes, I was a seed planted in fertile soil. After some time of being nurtured by sun, rain and soil’s nutrients, I broke out of the ground and sprouted towards the sky. Bending with breezes, I defied gravity & grew up strong, supported by healthy roots, and surrounded by many others. Only if conditions are sufficient will I produce seeds that will continue indefinitely into the future.

sandpipers soar

sandpipers soar ~d nelson


9 thoughts on “remembering who you were before being born

  1. truthyoga

    Nice expression here……thanks for liking my poem post……keep exploring and sharing and expressing your life… wishes along your Journey.


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