Cookie of Childhood

blooms within & without
blooms within & without ~ d nelson

how sweet
how special
that crunchy treat was.
it could take all day
it seemed
before each bite
each crumb
continued on
as a memory
and in my tummy!

I’m taking a brief break from a 3 week retreat
to share a dear song written to Thich Nhat Hanh
is honor of his childhood cookie memory.

This cookie of childhood piece kindles
the young 5 year old cookie monster
still alive and well
inside of me.
Hope you like it

17 Replies to “Cookie of Childhood”

  1. Really sweet–no pun intended. And I love that the tune is “Beautiful Savior.” A multi-spiritual song. Love it! Peace, John

    1. thanks John for your kind words and the name of the tune.
      the woman who wrote the words had sang the Christian version of that song with her mother throughout her childhood.

  2. Cookies still do this for me. Wisely, or perhaps not, I do not indulge too often. 🙂 I find many other choices in life to be just as sweet.

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