Wet Origins, in images & words

leaves on stream's surface ~d nelson
looking up @ leaves on stream’s surface ~d nelson

All species appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real organisms, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

With a river of thoughts & feelings,
first realized, then accepted
a terrible joy experienced
in immature, semi-developed hearts & minds.
Immense gratitude welled-up
seeing and sensing awesome
colors, shapes, sounds
& other sensual pleasures.
Infant nervous systems
not feeling separate
from their natural origin of life,
yet, not feeling the same.
Thank you, thank you
heart/mind wordlessly expressed.

from depths to sky ~ d nelson
from depths to sky ~ d nelson

For so, so long
living at one
above the waters
from which they came,
with other brothers & sisters,
living & non-living.
Taking what was needed
to survive & sustain existence
for themselves & other beings.

2 legged in stream
2 legged in stream

With time & generational loss of memory
many of the 2 legged began fancying themselves
as the chosen and righteously dominant.
Chanting liberty and freedom
in the name of the all mighty
while polluting, deforesting, drilling, paving, over-fishing & more.
Mother Earth’s cries unheard
over sledgehammer’s song.
Freedom without responsibility
it would turn out
was not freedom at all
but rather
an undoing.

fish (lower right) monitor floaters ~d nelson
fish (lower right) monitor floaters ~d nelson

after truly tasting waters sustaining
their very existence, they came to their senses
at just milliseconds before midnight.
From then on
living with respect for each and everything
sacredly placed on their spinning, earthly garden.
An infectious disease, perhaps in the water
effecting everyone on earth
with the memory of their original love & interconnection.
Breathing, smiling they nurtured the good
and healed their wrong views & actions.
And everything lived happily
ever after,
in one form
or another,
in the eternal stream.

Work is life only when done in mindfulness. Otherwise, one becomes like the person “who lives as though dead.”

We need to light our own torch in order to carry on. But the life of each one of us is connected with the life of those around us.

If we know how to live in mindfulness, if we know how to preserve and care for our own mind and heart then thanks to that our brothers and sisters will also know how to live in mindfulness.” ~Thích Nhất Hạnh, The Miracle of Mindfulness

52 Replies to “Wet Origins, in images & words”

  1. What a beautiful expression of the positive. Healing is happening – of hearts, of minds, of bodies, of souls, of the waters of life. We all live as one and as One will unwind the spiral back to peace. I have no doubt. Thank you for this expression of the unwinding.

  2. Wonderful exploration with words and photos of our history and possibility of our future well-being. We have messed up the planet so much that I’m sometimes in despair over the problems, but, yes it could all be transformed. Good words!

  3. Excellent post with an important message. I appreciate the depth in the images suggesting possibilities flowing and merging. Ultimately good possibilities, because, after all, it is water.

  4. The question I ask David, is whether sufficient numbers will come to their senses; and even should they, whether the political leaders would follow; because they inevitably will not lead, nor be lead to the good by their corporate paymasters. If I take the Panglossian route, and all these unlikelihood’s come to pass, then still I am left wondering whether the clock will have turned midnight.

    1. I’m with you, Hariod!
      Yet, I’m certain that our continuation,
      whether in human form or not,
      will reflect the love & beauty we produce, now.
      “the problem is
      you think you
      have time” ~the Buddha

  5. The eternal stream of infinite “letting go” can only be possible by practising mindfulness and through compassion. I like your images here and wise words.

  6. Thank you, David, for the creative and insightful images. I’m forced to conclude you have some sort of amphibian image-gathering device. 🙂 Perfect for rivers and streams…

    Each of your stanzas was profound in it’s own right, and I couldn’t help but wonder if you were describing the long, long (cosmically teeny-tiny) arc of human consciousness, or the arc of a single human mind… And perhaps it doesn’t matter? Perhaps there is no real distinguishing here…

    One interesting phenomenon to me is our response to suffering. We turn a deaf ear to the suffering of others, and so prolong the habits and beliefs of specialness (e.g. greed, being the chosen ones, being entitled, being above) until the suffering strikes us directly. How much will it take for us to take a sip of that water you are offering!?

    I also resonate with your long view– the view of ever-changing forms. It makes the now so much fuller, despite its unwieldy contents…


    1. thank you for your deep inquiry and insights, Michael! the little waterproof camera did prod me to look deeper from below, and i suppose had me coming from everywhere and nowhere at the same time. wonderful we can look at the possible while attentive to the habits which bound us at any given time. may what we do be remembered with a smile hundreds of years from now 🙂

  7. Deep and thought provoking post, David. Your photography in of itself is powerful, just powerful. Your work just pulled me into another world and here I stayed for quite some time. You are amazing my friend. Just amazing. Bless you for walking Peace in this world, who needs to remember the Truth. Love, Amy ❤

      1. It reminded me of what I used to do as a kid, David. I would sink to the bottom of our pool and just look up at the world above the water. I Loved how the clouds looked through the water. It was just so peaceful, listening to my heartbeat and being in a world all my own. I watched the water bugs skim across the water as well. Then my own bubbles as I watched as they floated up to the surface. Way cool …. I still remember the feeling of absolute stillness and safety. Your pictures reminded me of those days. Bless you!!!! ❤

  8. I love Thích Nhất Hạnh! Love that book.
    Such beautiful pictures and words of yours. Lovely.

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