After Old Fuses Blew, Took a Walk

I only went out for a walk, and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in. ~John Muir

fuse blown-22

Hard to find professional electrical help
living here in a small California town.
But with my aging 30 amp fuse blown
I desperately kept searching until finally
a qualified pair with repair experience returned my call.

fuse blown-19

“Wowza,” said one, “haven’t seen a 1950’s fused circuit breaker panel in ages.
Lucky the house hasn’t burned down yet with that old, frayed un-grounded wiring.
We better do a few tests to isolate the problem before trying to fix anything.”
“When you realize what’s going on inside here you’ll be shocked”, I said.

fuse blown-21-2

“We are gonna go out now for a walk to reflect on your blown fuse.”
“I’m happy to go along and answer any questions that come up.”
While walking I mentioned my life’s overblown ups & downs.
Listening intently, they gently prodded to just keep walking.

“Notice your feet touching the earth, isn’t it amazing”, asked one.
“Breathe in the sky, trees, and any other perceptions”, said the other.
“Can you understand the miracle of being here, right here
on this beautiful path, is nothing more or less than a miracle?”

fuse blown-19-2

Their words were calming, but I burst out, “how can I be all peaceful
with globalization, injustice, starvation & drought?”
“These are sad realities, yet it’s possible to experience real, joyful steps
being in the here & now, even with painful feelings & thoughts all around.”
“Haven’t you heard about the election, do you realize what this could mean?”, said I.
“We haven’t paid it much attention & can’t offer an opinion on that or many other things.”
Really?, I said.

When we calmly returned home the fuse had repaired, somehow, miraculously.
Even the smoky burned marks on the panel & wall were clean.
“This walk really was a miracle I told the workers, how can I ever repay you?”
“Remember to go out walking quietly with us daily,
and bring along several oven-baked biscuits!”

Journey of a Thousand Miles
Begins with a Single Step ~Confucius

70 Replies to “After Old Fuses Blew, Took a Walk”

      1. Thank you, and to you as well! Your story reminded me of the old panel in my parents’ basement. They lived there safely for 51 years, but the wiring really does need replaced, and the furnace, and the roof, and the bathroom counter…..

  1. Lovely post, and yes it appears many are blowing fuses around the world right now.. Nothing beats getting grounded back in Nature and Mother Earth.. Dogs know how to unwind our cross wires too 🙂
    Enjoy your weekend and Many thanks for stopping by..

  2. I started reading this post about 10 minutes ago. I was a bit confused for a moment, but I haven’t stopped smiling since I finished it. Dogs are such great teachers!

  3. This reminds me of my grandfather’s house – 1940s wiring but it worked! Same with the radiators – huge hefty things and despite lots of comments to modernise he resisted and l loved the house for its old quirky feel -like a gentle beast. Alas, reckon the new owners updated everything immediately. Very wise to go for a contemplative walk leaving the professionals to it.

    1. thank you for your kind related to my electrical problem, Annika!
      with a lot of luck the wires can continue doing their work
      albeit with some risk to delicate equipment!
      yes, often sellers have to bring these things
      up to current housing codes 🙂

  4. hello smilecalm its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay wow so those are fyoozes!!! i thawt they wer only yoozed to set off dynamite and stuf hoo noo they cud also be yoozed for elektrisity??? i am glad the wawk tuk kayr of things for yoo!!! ok bye

  5. Dogs are one of life’s miracles. Just when things blow (fuses or our own steam), talking and walking with a four-legged friend brings the quiet we need. I remember our fuse box in the cellar and could recognize which one had blown. Haven’t thought about fuses in ages. Thanks for reminding me.

  6. A beautiful reminder and analogy about going within David. We can focus on all the pain and trouble in this world, or we can focus on what is beautiful and right. Nature always has a way to remind us of these wonderful miracles, as you have shown. 🙏🏻

  7. I am glad to hear everything is fine now… Electricity is our problem now in the village home 🙂 As always wonderful written piece and photographs, dogs are amazing. Thank you dear David, have a nice day, Love, nia

    1. wishing your village success
      in getting re-powered, nia!
      i’m happy that you have your kitties
      and other beautiful companions there
      to help in case any fuses blow out 🙂

  8. Your traveling companions are so cute. A stroll with a couple of wise doggies does wonders to erase those pesky scorches from the mind.

  9. You have very wise companions, drawn to your wise heart, David. My wife’s parents have homemade “power strips” kludged together, one to the next, that perform some astonishing feats in the garage. They have a view of electricity that is basically this, “What is the big deal? Electricity works for us.” There is a benevolent charm in their confidence, and all is well. I like when benevolent charm/simplicity protects us all…


    1. how sweet to experience
      the grounding charms of loved ones, Micheal!
      back in the day when i was in the service
      working on communication equipment
      i learned to respect the power
      and not play with it
      if it’s plugged in 🙂

  10. Ah, I too had to read and reread to get the gist. Your dog companions have walking meditation down pat! And when you return the problems have been resolved. It’s all good!

  11. There is much enlightenment we can get from our car and home, pets and people, wildlife and a quiet breeze. It just takes a moment to receive the message. I really enjoyed this post, David, as I do all of your posts. Thank you for sharing peace and sweetness.

  12. Ahh, what a sweet and humorous reminder. It’s funny, I do think electrical stuff responds to my moods sometimes. It’s so true that when I’m in a space of being about to blow an internal fuse the best thing to do is to walk, in order to stay grounded. Those world issues you mention certainly do take me away from that place of peace and equanimity, and of course I can’t be much use unless I can access that place of calm. That will stick with me for a while ‘walk more, talk less…’ love it! Makes me think of this TED talk…not sure if I’ve shared it with you before…
    Harula xxx

    1. smiling to your kind understanding, Harula! i’m impressed with your re-wiring & insulation that keeps you
      so grounded! thanks for sharing ted; he really exemplifies walking the talk 🙂

  13. This post really made me happy, David. It’s so true, what your pups told you 😊 we really don’t need to worry so much (or at all).

  14. Walking mindfully and breathing mindfully, suddenly, inner peace arrives (a gift from the dogs, of course 🙂 )

  15. Wow. Truly amazing what walks will do. Even though it’s hard as hell to make yourself go on them sometimes you do always come back kind of a different person. Thanks for this!! I really liked what you said about how can you be peaceful with all these bad things happening in the world? If feels very selfish sometimes that was a very good point. Great to meet you in blog world!!!

  16. How deep and well stated…. so many things to think about…
    as you said “When you realize what’s going on inside here you’ll be shocked”… I guess this could be related to subtle realities beyond ours as well as you might suggest by the end of this post… sending love and best wishes. Thanks for sharing. Aquileana 🔆.-

  17. The wisdom of those furry companions! Loved your photos of the circuit breakers, diagram, fuses, electrical outlets. Our house was built in 1880, and down in the basement we still have the old (disconnected) wires with porcelain fittings.

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