Dancing, Embracing Before Fall

“Love one another.” ~ Last words of George Harrison

birch surrendering to the dance ~d nelson

In all our vibrant autumn glory,
graceful dances upon winds & sky.
Blue heaven welcomes us to fall up;
to eternally shimmer & shake
in its immortal jet stream.

surrendering to the dance 4 ~d nelson

Thank you for such an eternal gift
but we accept basic laws of nature.
We accept being rooted to earth,
& impermanent nature of our existence.

surrendering to the dance 5 ~d nelson

Aware of our karmic fate, we rejoice
sharing this brief manifestation, together.
With loving-kindness we embrace each other
Offering a felt sense of connection with touch.

surrendering to the dance 6 ~d nelson

Below, a creepy clown lurking in the woods.
Only those with strongest of roots remain unfazed
by this walking, talking abnormal cartoon of hatred
& his rebellion against goodness, a mutiny against sanity,
propelled by fear and greed and bitterness to hurt, while
perilously swaggering his given power to unleash nuclear winds.

With our greatest empathy & advice, as leaves,
we say, embrace each other, leave no one out.
Holding loved ones lessens the pain;
inviting all, while making the circle wider.
Let no one have to duck & cover, alone.

Collective energy of wisdom & compassion
nurturing acceptance to what is happening;
surrender to what is really happening
on the inside, and out.

surrendering to the dance 3 ~d nelson

In our calm, peaceful hearts & minds
we can act & move wisely into what is scary.
Colorfully shimmering, dancing, soaring,
falling, all according to nature,
what’s in & out of our control.

Leaving this post’s last words to George; give me love

76 Replies to “Dancing, Embracing Before Fall”

  1. Stunning photographs, David! And I so appreciated your giving George the first and last words on this post – coincidentally, over the past month or so, I’ve been re-listening to his first three solo albums, for the first time in many years. He always was, and still remains, a beautiful soul.

    1. smiling to your kind words, dear Tom!
      how wonderful to dust off those old lp’s
      that are still relevant to happiness & well being
      all these years later πŸ™‚

  2. Your photographs put me in Bliss, a place I have not been far from these days. Your words, David, stole my breath as I read the Truth behind the words. The dance of Life if we but allow out actions to mimic those of Nature, will effortlessly transform hatred into Love, Love that is so desperately needed in today’s world. Bless you, dear friend!!! Powerful post!πŸ’žπŸπŸ’ž

    1. makes me happy dancing here in the branches, with you Amy!
      may we continue enjoying the special gifts of color & sensations
      even when it’s time to fall πŸ™‚

      1. I’ve had so many falls in recent events within my life, so to dance freely high and happy I cherish with my every breath. I LOVE the colors … they take me into a Wonderland of Joy! ❀

    1. i appreciate your finding words that
      were meaningful for me to write last night, JoAnn!
      your kindness makes me feel less alone
      here in the fallout shelter πŸ™‚

  3. David, wondrous photos to match your inspirational words of wisdom…I feel the dance of Autumn and its leaves in your post as we seek to hold and be there for each other, to let love emanate around the world, hoping its strength and force can overwhelm those who wish ill.

    1. i’m touched by your understanding what was meant to be expressed, dear Annika!
      yes, may it be so
      as we move across
      the sky in all our hues,
      with abundance of heart πŸ™‚

    1. i’m grateful for your generous & kind review, dear Hariod!
      the post was inspired by that quote
      when i read it last week.
      may your day be filled with happiness πŸ™‚

  4. David, I am deeply touched by the beauty and love your poem expresses, to add those wonderful pictures and song with George Harrison really
    makes the cup ‘brimmith’ over. Thank you for this beautiful message to mankind

    1. i’m grateful that the shapes, colors & sounds
      offer something special to fill your cup, Miriam!
      may you continue feeling full
      with your kind efforts towards yourself
      and others in the world πŸ™‚

  5. Thank you for this peaceful, serene post with all its autumnal beauty, David. And the hint of an evil plotting one, drawing fear and threat of loss and death into our heads and hearts against our best intentions. β€œLove one another, this great commandment, to love one another”. Strains of a Mormon children’s hymn echoing in my memory. We left the mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania with her fallen leaves and chilly nights, the reds and oranges and gold now blowing into corners and down the roads, piling up against fences, two weeks ago tomorrow. We arrived a few days later in southwest Florida with her piles of debris, ravaged mobile home, blue tarps atop roofs here and there, and missing trees, especially our dear magnolias across the lake, recalled with their dinner plate blossoms. And yet the house is dry and fresh, undamaged aside from electrical issues that caused some expensive repairs. Love to you and yours and hoping the fires have eased. We hear little about them now, the airwaves filled with words of indictment and repeal.

    1. i’m happy to hear of your good fortune amidst the calamity, dear Sunny!
      i’ve seen the fire & storm’s trail, leaving some devastated & others nearby, unscathed. here, like there, may those displaced & injured find comfort and support in relocating and knowing joy.

  6. “Hanging by a thread” – your image makes the act/experience look delicately beautiful. Sometimes that one thread is all a person needs. Another expressive post. Thanks, David.

  7. A beautiful message of nature and our continuous dance. And yes the music, as George always moves me to a better place. For all of nature is My Sweet Lord.

  8. I loved your post of gorgeous and vibrant leaves and sky!

    “Give Me” is a perfect song to accompany your wise words about everything the song is not about… George Harrison’s powerful work trumps all the madness. Please Mr. Mueller, bring down the clown’s circus tent today!

  9. hello smilecalm its dennis the vizsla dog hay is this wot the leeves ar saying as they russel in the wind??? i had no ideea they wer so wise!!! must be becuz trees liv for sutch a long time i gess!!! ok bye

  10. Our Trees, are well deserving of your wonderful gift to them in your eloquent words and wonderful visuals David.. Your poetry embraces their spirit, with the generosity that they bestow upon us by giving us our daily breath. Many thanks for sharing such a wonderful gift with us of their presence and splendour, colour and wisdom.. For those ‘ Standing Ones’ whose wisdom has stood and watched us over us for many decades and centuries, their roots that go deep within our Mother, know far more than we..

    Love and Blessings and so so enjoyed your post David. Thank you ❀

  11. Splendid images of autumn. I’ve always taken comfort in the falling leaves and fading sunlight. Reminders of impermance. Love that song by George Harrison. One of my favorites.

  12. Beautiful, there isn’t enough peace in the world.
    George Harrison’s last words: “Love one another.”
    John Lennon’s last word(s) answering a cop who asked him if he was John Lennon: “Yeah,”

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