Celestial Meditative Healing

we are here, there, & everywhere ~d nelson

Lately contemplating overwhelming, personal
headaches, body-aches and heartaches,
while sitting out late at night
under real dark, new moon skies.
Imagining navigating difficulties by stars,
just like our curious ancestors.

deeply milky ~d nelson

My dilemmas bearing down
as well as those facing all living beings
seem less imposing against a background
of the universes countless stars.
Was that an asteroid that just whizzed by earth?

patiently awaiting our star’s veiling

With sky clear, looking deeply
within my own calm feelings &
peaceful workings, freedom presented
by galaxy’s vast spaciousness
is remarkably recognized, familiar.

In order to visualize cosmic guidance
I asked my camera to focus on infinity
and expose the Milky Way for one half second, up to three seconds.
When everything out there seems to be rotating,
then it’s actually us earthlings who are dizzily spinning, yes?
Being a part of the universe at this most
special present moment makes me smile.
Wishing you clear skies.

daylight nudging in ~d nelson

  “When you ask the question, “Who am I?”—if you have enough time and concentration—you may find some surprising answers. You may see that you are a continuation of your ancestors. Your parents and your ancestors are fully present in every cell of your body; you are their continuation. You don’t have a separate self. If you remove your ancestors and your parents from you, there’s no “you” left.


You may see that you’re made of elements, like water for example. If you remove the water from you, there’s no “you” left. You’re made of earth. If you remove the element earth from you, there’s no “you” left. You’re made of air. You need air desperately; without air you cannot survive. So if you remove the element of air from you, there’s no “you” left. And there’s the fire element, the element of heat, the element of light, in you. You know that you are made of light. Without sunlight, nothing can grow on Earth. If you continue to look, you see that you are made of the sun, one of the biggest stars in the galaxy. And you know that the Earth, as well as yourself, is made of the stars. So you are the stars. On a clear night, look up, and you can see that you are the stars above. You’re not just the tiny body you normally may think of as “yourself.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh, Silence: The Power of Quiet in a World Full of Noise

101 Replies to “Celestial Meditative Healing”

  1. Going within and connecting to our ‘Ancestors’ looking UP and SEEing just how vast our Universe is and how miniscule we are. Understanding we too are ONE with the Universe made up of the same elements as the Stars… (Being Star Seeds, of course lol )
    You see just how impossible it is for us to be alone!.. 🙂 Passing meteorites or star-ships 😉

    Loved your thoughts David and beautiful quote my friend
    Much love 🙂 💜🙏

    1. makes me happy spinning
      on this little space ball with you, Sue!
      perhaps if those lights were
      a bit closer we would not feel
      so all alone.
      wishing you a bright
      happy moment, david 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for this celestial meditation, David. The photos are exquisite. Wow. And the TNH reading, and your poetry, and the thoughts are valuable, and so very exquisitely articulated. I live rurally and have the opportunity to see beautiful night skies quite often, and I think about ship navigation from the old days, and this map they had above them. Sometimes I can spot a satellite, and I know a few constellations. But I never thought of the stars as a part of me, and this is a new reflection I am going to have great joy with…thank you so much, dear friend.

    1. makes me happy that you enjoy the spacey meditation, dear Jet!
      it’s amazing the connection to nature humans had
      before getting caught in so many distractions.
      i’m enjoying losing some sleep, occasionally
      just to look up and wonder
      while the camera goes to work.
      wishing you happiness with your
      new found star status 🙂

    1. thank you for your kind fogginess, Tom!
      it was clear many evenings last week
      on the mendocino coast; quite different from the old days.
      wishing you clear skies, when
      they are ready 🙂

  3. You’ve shared many beautiful photos in your posts, David, but these are sublime. I will be coming back to view them again. And you text was calming to this dizzily spinning Earthling, who, like you, has been weighted of late by personal aches of body, heart and mind. Good to be reminded we are all in this together, and that “we” is more spacious and peaceful than we usually consider. Thank you!

    1. thank you for your kind reflection, Cate!
      i enjoyed staying up late to take the photos.
      i’m happy you like them. how wonderful we can
      find some peace in the spaciousness
      we share in this moment 🙂

  4. Such breathtakingly stunning imagery! I can get lost in those photographs – they remind me of everything that is out there. We are so small in comparison, yet we are integral parts of the cosmos. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. thank you for kindly reflecting on the images, dear franticshanti!
      isn’t it amazing that we’re out there
      among all those stars of the cosmos?
      may we long stay bright 🙂

  5. Your pictures are full of stars! Hee Hee. I was thinking of a line from 2001 a Space Odyssey. But seriously, I’m enthralled by the richness of this beauty. You have shown us the power, mystery, and deep peace of a star filled night sky. Looking at the stars has comforted me on many a night. I’m saying a prayer that peace and comfort surround and permeate you and those you love.

    1. your kind reflection brought me a memory
      and a smile, JoAnna! how wonderful
      we’ve together gazed above in comforted wonder.
      humbly i’m grateful for your kind supportive prayers 🙂

    1. Thank you for letting me know of peace received
      from these image’s reflections, Diana!
      they help me feel the bigness & smallness
      of this sweet existence 🙂

  6. Such extraordinary images, David.

    How lucky you are to be in such a space to be able to see the night sky and stars like that.

    We are all interconnected and part of the universal One, that is for sure.

    1. i’m happy you enjoy the milky way images, Vicki!
      i’ve been fortunate to experience clear skies with my camera
      during travels over the past couple months.
      wherever i go, it’s like you said,
      we’re interconnected as one
      with enough room for all 🙂

  7. Charlee: “Wow, so many stars in the sky. We never see that many stars around here.”
    Lulu: “I think that’s because there’s too much light pollution, right?”
    Chaplin: “Yes, but it also doesn’t help that we cats never leave the house.”

  8. In a world where so many feel separated and alone at this time, I am grateful for your reminder David to slow down and to see our ancestral, earth, sky and star family watching over us and whispering, “We are always here with you, expand into everything that you are already.”

  9. What beautiful astral images, David! I’m so impressed at the detail and professional quality. You are very talented and must have quite a camera! Thanks for sharing them and Thây’s wonderful words.

  10. Wow! David, through your post I feel I’ve travelled to the stars, drifting in the gift of the cosmos … and back to my very self! A deep and thought provoking post that touches me to the core and will stay with me. Your photos are a pure joy to behold, truly breathtaking. Thank you for sharing these, your thoughts and the wonderful extract at the end. Happy StarGazing! 😀 Btw. Love you new layout/blog theme!

    1. i smile your kind reflection, Annika!
      makes me happy that you returned
      from the trip far out
      into the universe.
      now i can look forward
      to your next creative expression 🙂

  11. Amazing photos! I’ve been watching various documentaries lately on the cosmos, the ineffable majesties of the universe. Your post fits right in and expands the awe of our Milky Way and beyond. Great post, David. The answers are indeed within us. 🙂

    1. i am happy this reaffirms
      joyful wonders of the universe, Betty!
      i enjoyed being out late and meditating
      with the stars, along with my camera.
      there are amazing documentaries out there,
      especially produced by the bbc.
      may you be well 🙂

  12. What an amazing post! Fascinated me. I have already felt that I was in there, in this amazing ambience… Thank you dear David, reading you is another meaningful touches for me. Love, nia

  13. Thank you for the beautiful poems and images and the quote. We are a part of the Universe indeed. Both science and religion agree on that.
    I love August, the month of butterflies and star gazing 🙂

    1. wonderful finding your kind words down here, inese
      after joyful time dwelling up above
      with stars & butterflies!
      wishing you continued joy
      here on this precious planet, david 🙂

  14. One of your best! The universe amazes me. All that space, time, energy, particles, planets, asteroids, nebulae, and “Hello.” Is anyone out there? We sit on the edge of the Milky Way, and at least we have chocolate.

    1. thank you for your bright presence, dear susan!
      isn’t it amazing our existence as children of the sun
      to be among countless stars of the cosmos?
      and having chocolate does make it
      all the more amazing!
      if one of my best, then perhaps it could be
      my last, so as to go out on top!
      may your day be well, david 🙂

  15. Stunning images of the vast heavens and the soft glow of daybreak, David. And your reflections always so grounding in the essence of who we are. I leave here calmer and fuller than when I arrived… Thank you, my friend!


  16. I’m delighted to have come by to visit here tonight! I have my popcorn and letting any and all dilemmas work themselves out, like the way your camera efficiently recorded this beautiful spread of canopy. I am full of delight. Happy for your words and reflections. I am feeling i am in the presence of some great company, while we enjoy the depth and the reach of “the show.”

    1. amazing how the universe has ways
      to help sort & prioritize, dear Ka!
      i’m now going out for some popcorn to eat later
      knowing there’s a special star in the universe
      named Ka makes me happy 🙂

  17. Nothing like contemplating infinity to put personal challenges into perspective. Wishing you clear skies as well, David. Hope you are well. These images are simply spectacular.

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